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About Us

Samael – I come from Eastern Europe. Most of my family members are into esotericism. I have been dealing with divination and rituals for many years. For a long time, in order to practice my skills, I only helped my friends. Humility has brought me to where I am today. And this feature I value most in people. Therefore, if you have come to this page and want to order a ritual, please take me seriously. I would like to point out right away that I do not cast curses. If the love spell is ordered by the responsible person – you can say that my action is positive for both of them. Meanwhile, a curse is always bad, negative. I’ve dealt with evil powers and believe me – you wouldn’t want to feel them. Therefore, if you want to harm someone, do not write, do not ask me for help.

Sariel Moon – I gained my knowledge thanks to many travels around the world. I have visited countries where esotericism and the spiritual world are taken very seriously. My main area of expertise is Wicca Spells. I have cast a lot of effective love spells, I have a lot of experience.