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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?

Sariel Moon – I gained my knowledge thanks to many travels around the world and thanks Spelcaster Samael help. I have visited countries where esotericism and the spiritual world are taken very seriously. My main area of expertise is Wicca Spells. I have cast a lot of effective love spells, I have a lot of experience.


How can I be sure that the Spell will be performed?

I am an honest person who tries to help people through my energy. If you do not believe that the Spell is performed, please know that I take a photo of the Spell and send it to you via e-mail.
Additionally, you can see the approximate look of the performed love spell on the picture as these are my own photographs showing the real look of the Spell.


How long does it take to perform the Spell?

I try to perform the Spell within 7 days from the day of payment, however this time may be prolonged if there is no suitable energy.


Will the Spell definitely work?

In case of esoteric actions, there is never 100% guarantee of success as these are spiritual actions. From my side, however, I promise to do everything in my power to help your case.


How long do I wait for the effects?

The possible effects usually appear within a week to 7 months from the date of the completed Spell. The spell can work at the first week as at the last day of seven month as well!


What is needed to perform the Love Spell?

I will need the following information to check the chances of success and possibly perform the spell:

– Your names

– Your dates of birth

– You are welcome to send a together or separate photo

– A description of how you met and your current situation. The more I know about the relationship, the more effective the Spell will be because I will be able to transfer more energy.


Is it possible to accelerate the effect of the charm?

Unfortunately esoteric energies have their own rules and it is not possible. One should be patient and optimistic about the future. Such attitude helps a lot.


Which love charm will be the most effective for me?

I will be able to answer this question only after a thorough study of your situation. For this purpose, please contact me through the contact form.


What is your refund policy?

I have a strict no refund policy, when placing your order you agree to the terms and accept the no-refund policy. If you don’t agree just don’t work with me.


Why do you not offer refunds?

The spells require materials and knowledge and time to be casted. Spells requires from 10 hours to 20hours hard esoteric working. We cannot return disposed materials these costs need to be paid for. I can also not work for free. You are paying for work and materials not for the outcome that cannot be predicted with a spiritual service.