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Tarot is one of the many ways we try to solve our daily problems. Also when we want to find a solution in the sphere of love. In such a situation, tarot cards will help choose a solution that is right for you. Also me during the performance of the love spell – or rather at the stage of determining which spell would be the best in a given case. How does Tarot actually work? First of all, contrary to what is commonly accepted, it is not entirely that the cards predict the future. Cards only show our current situation and the direction we can take, which is the best solution for us. You have to remember that whether what the cards show comes true depends on many factors, often beyond our control. Therefore, it is always worth using common sense first of all.

The cards should be used carefully, as I have already mentioned, what tell us should not be treated as oracles. We should also not use Tarot too often. Even if at first we think that the information provided by the cards is useful to us, over time we may notice their wrong performance. Excessive use of Tarot is a source of addiction to magic, it makes us unable to live without it, to plan anything ourselves. Cards are also not unfolded during magic works, which undoubtedly include love spells. Tarot can disrupt the energy we get during our sessions, which as a result often translates into the lack of the expected results.