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Ritual cost: 149$

The aura is the energetic shell surrounding our bodies. The aura is not visible to the naked eye. It needs regular care because a polluted aura can cause many problems, among other things

  • a feeling of weakness in the body
  • apathy
  • lack of will to live
  • procrastination
  • lack of resistance to infections
  • easy to manipulate
  • nervousness, irritability
    Aura disturbances appear for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it is the environment in which we live every day that causes negative emotions to settle on our aura. Sometimes we produce pollution by our negative thinking. If you feel that not everything is going the way you want in your life, you should think about clearing your aura. Cleaning the aura can be done by yourself, for example, through regular meditation, getting rid of negative people from your environment. However, if the aura is heavily polluted, then it would be best to entrust it to someone who deals with it professionally.

Here are the aura cleansing benefits:

  • increase in motivation and vitality
  • increase in self-confidence
  • removing blockages
  • internal calm
  • increase in the body’s resistance
  • resistance to manipulation

I listed the most important benefits, but that’s not all, because, for example, inner peace and disconnecting from toxic relationships allow for better sleep in people who have problems with it. After the cleansing spell, you will stop getting into negative relationships with other people, you will feel much better. Your psyche will be in good shape.


“I think this is a great spell. Before clearing my aura, I was apathetic, easily manipulated, and I couldn’t be assertive. Aura cleansing helped me a lot. I have become more self-confident, I can put my own way. I am satisfied and recommend it.”

“For several months I was lethargic, it was difficult for me to do the activities that I previously did without difficulty. After clearing the aura, things improved. I have more energy again, I want to develop. I signed up for a gym and dance course, meeting new people and feeling like my life is going in the right direction.”