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The signs of the zodiac do not directly influence the success of love magic. The success of the spell depends on many other factors – the most important is the person performing love spell. I liked a quote on the forum saying that it is enough for an experienced and talented spell caster to focus for several minutes on a given problem and achieve his goal, while others, without experience or predisposition, can perform spells for a month without the slightest effects . A very accurate quote, the truth is that if anyone could do magic successfully, the world would be turned upside down. Therefore, there is only a small part that is highly effective (and not 100% at all, more around 80-90%). As for the signs of the zodiac, although do not affect the course and success of the spell, are the ones that attract each other. One of such examples is the Aries with the Aquarius – people from these signs like when a lot is going on, they enjoy trying new things, not alone, but together, which connects them even more. Another matched duo is Taurus and Cancer. People under these signs take relationships seriously, which makes them more durable. They attach great importance to closeness and physicality. They can support each other and be not only lovers, but also sincere friends. Cancer and Pisces can also form a harmonious duo.

They can understand each other without words and their emotional bond is very strong. The relationship of the zodiacs Leo and Sagittarius will be marked by a large dose of eroticism. They love to have fun and are not bored in each other’s company. In the relationship of a virgin with a bull, there are not so many passions, because they keep their feet firmly on the ground. But they are very close in the emotional sphere. It is extremely difficult to shake such a relationship. There is a lot of passion and emotion in Scorpio Cancer relationships. Sometimes even too much, which often leads to the breakdown of the relationship between the zodiacal scorpions and cancers. Hypothetically, one of the best couples can be Capricorn and Taurus. You can even feel the chemistry between such people. Both zodiac signs love to be adored, therefore they understand their needs without words. In conclusion, although the zodiac signs do not affect the success of love spells, the zodiac signs of partners do matter, in this aspect, whether it will be a relationship for years or there will be a greater likelihood of its disintegration. There are signs of the zodiac that go together like a glove, and some that don’t really match. Observations show that this is not a rule, there are many divorces, between people with zodiac signs that match each other perfectly, and many happy marriages, between people with zodiac signs biting each other.