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Please note that the use of the magic of love through effective spell caster is a serious matter, and when the ritual is successful, the effects persist for a long time. Each case is different, one person will be charmed for 3 years and another for almost a decade. So it can be concluded that the effects obtained through love magic are permanent and last long enough for people to become attached to each other naturally. At this point, I would like to add that connecting two people by magic is not enough to live happily with each other for the rest of your life. You have to look after your relationship. Everything should be done to have as much in common as possible and to keep the time spent together enjoying. That is why I repeat each time in the e-mails to people who are happy, because the ritual has been successful, that they should take care of the relationship, require a lot from themselves and their partner, find common topics and interests, because it connect people. This is the way to ensure that love does not fade away even in the face of crises that will surely come one day, because there is no marriage that will not experience crises. However, mutual respect and a serious emotional bond overcome every obstacle.