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This question often appears in the emails I receive from people interested love spells. Many people fear that despite the fact that the spell has worked, a loved one will become a different person. Personally, I wonder where these fears come from. Perhaps it is due to the entries of people scaring magic who invent new and new alleged effects of using it. The fact is that when I am performing a love spell, it is only a matter of eliciting love for the person who ordered spell. Love is the key word that can be repeated to people with such dilemmas. Love magic is about making a person feel love, not about changing their behavior. So, how will your partner behave after a successful love spell? He will be in love with you. Each of us has seen a person in love. Such a person wants to spend as much time as possible with the object of his love, plans a future together, tries and cares for the relationship. This is what love magic is all about. Therefore, if, for example, you are a girl and you are afraid that after the spell, your boyfriend will behave differently – then yes, he will behave differently because he will be in love with you.

So you will be able to count on polite gestures on his part, in an emergency, he will be able to give his life for you, he will do everything to make you happy. But his habits, gestures, and other behaviors that made you fall in love with him aren’t going to change. After all, it will be the same person with the difference that he will be in love with you. If he was a football fan before and liked to watch matches, and it annoyed you, after the spell, he will not stop watching games at all. Due to being in love, he may sometimes make a concession and skip a match, but that does not change the fact that he will continue to be interested in it. If he was a businessman who spent 12 hours at work under the influence of a spell, he will do everything to sit less in this job, because he will want to sit with you. But he will continue to do what before, because love magic, as the name says, works on love, thanks to it we can make someone fall in love, but it does not affect the behavior of a given person and other areas of his life.