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Many people, in desperation, order several love spells from different people, hoping one of them will work. And remember that desperation and haste are bad advisers. Most often they are chosen by people who advertise on the Internet, providing only their own e-mail, and it must be remembered that among them are the most scammers. So it is possible that the ordering person was simply deceived and the spells were not even performed. Then such a person ceases to believe in the effectiveness of love spells. It is also possible that some spell casters have performed spell, but are not effective enough to help, especially if the situation is difficult. Back to the question. Yes. Even if a few spells didn’t work, it’s still worth trying. However, you have to find someone more effective. In such situations, I recommend using the Wiccan love spell. These spells are very effective. If this spell does not bring the desired results, unfortunately, the matter of regaining a loved one should be considered closed. Focus on yourself, or order an aura cleansing, which will help you recover faster and come to terms with your fate, and will also help you return to normalcy and open yourself to other acquaintances. However, these are extreme cases, and in most, even in difficult situations, love magic can help, but you have to be careful who is entrusted with it to avoid deep disappointment afterwards.