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Many people do not believe in magic because they cannot understand that there is a spiritual world. With such people, I do not enter into a discussion, because on the argument that out of over 500 love spells that I have performed, most of them have been completely successful, they will find an explanation that it is a coincidence. A logical person should be aware that 2,3 successful attempts may be the result of chance, but not the majority of several hundred. The more that some cases were hopeless, it happened that people had no contact with each other for over half a year, and yet, after the spells, they returned to each other. Therefore, the answer to the question posed is – YES. Love magic works, but as in everything in life, it takes years of training, practice and reading to achieve high effectiveness of love spells.

Nothing comes for free. Spell caster who have been active for, say, a year, even if they have been dealing with love magic throughout this entire period, will not be very effective. They are just developing their method, which perhaps (because it is not certain and depends on many factors) will allow them to be decently effective in the future. The worst part is that many inexperienced spell casters go out with their services to people. In my opinion, they have no passion for magic and are driven only by the desire for easy profit.