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Discussions about uses of love magic take place on many blogs and discussion forums. People’s opinions are extremely divided. That’s why I decided to create an article dealing with myths about love magic while showing the actual facts.


1.The love magic doesn’t work, you can’t force anyone to love

Love spells were performed centuries ago and were effective. Has human physiognomy changed since then? Are our intellectual abilities less? finally, has the energy left us as a result of development? Times change, but people are still people. They need air, food and drink to survive, and they use energy to carry out various activities. If the spells used to work in the past, spells can work now as well. It all depends on one issue – the person who performs spells.

2. The person under the spell is not himself

First of all, what does it mean is not yourself? Are her moral values changing? changes interests? Well no. Despite the fact that the person is influenced by love magic, still has the same rules as before, does not change interests. The only change that occurs in such a person is that begins to think more and more often about the person who ordering the spell.

3. Love magic, especially love binding spell is black magic

Here again we have to come back to explaining the basic concepts. To talk about black magic, our goal must be to hurt someone. Black magic is curses, where the person casting it wishes the worst to the person the curse is about. Meanwhile, love magic is designed to connect two people with a beautiful feeling. Love is the greatest feeling, and seeing two people in love with each other is uplifting for any kind person. Love spells, binding love spells do not hurt anyone, as long as the ordering party has good intentions towards their loved ones.


1. There are spell casters who are tremendously gifted and know all about love magic

This is just a fact. Among the many tricksters or pseudo spell casters, whose whole experience is to perform a dozen or so spells in such a way as not to get too tired, there are pearls who develop all the time in this topic and maintain high efficiency.

2. A love spell can work for many years.

This is also true. If the spell is successful, it will work for a long time.

3. Applying love magic to someone you don’t love is stupid

I fully agree with this as well. When deciding on a love spell, you have to be sure that you love this person and that you want back. If someone is unsure of their feelings, it is pointless to order a spell. This is especially true of people who have been abandoned and want to get their partner back, mainly because of the fear of being left alone. In these situations, you should work on yourself and take your time and leisurely look for someone you truly love, instead of ordering a love spell.