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Ritual cost: 169$

Spell to break up the relationship is performed when a third person has entered your life trying to get your partner away. Some people are reluctant to use it, considering it unethical. Meanwhile, think – was the third person who was destroying your relationship guided by ethics in hitting on your partner? Of course not, only her interests mattered to her. This person had no qualms about taking him back from you, sometimes destroying not only another relationship, but even your family (if you have children). Such a person acts without conscience, only hedonistic gains are important. Therefore, when you want to regain your partner only for yourself, start to think about your own well-being, especially since you are not to blame for the situation. You can order a spell to cut off their love, which, when it works, will cut off your partner from the person messing with your relationship. Thanks to this, you will regain peace and get rid of the stress that has probably been with you for a long time. If you are a person with so much sensitivity that you are afraid that the severed person will encounter some unpleasantness by performing such a spell, then also do not worry. Such a person will return to his own life, and in some time will find a new object of sighs – hopefully one that is not busy, so as not to destroy the life of another person.