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We have many kinds of love magic. Starting with the most popular love spells, through binding spell, Wiccan and Egyptian spells, and, as I have recently noticed, those that refer to angelic characters (believe me, their effectiveness is very weak). Wiccan spells (which I have already done some with good results) and Egyptian spells are among the most effective. Also, love binding spells are recommended in severe cases when the classic love spell did not work. When ordering a love spell, you need to be sure that you really want to be with that person, because if you get bored you are doing that person a lot of harm. The action of the love spell can last up to several years and the person on whom the love magic worked and then was abandoned by the partner for these few years will not be able to settle down with anyone else.

Which is more effective, a love binding spell or Wiccan spell?

Love binding spell is one of the most powerful types of love magic. However, wiccan spell is even more powerful. This spell can connect people despite the seemingly insurmountable obstacles. As I mentioned in another article, if the wiccan spell has not worked, then no spells will help in this case.