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Love spell is undoubtedly an increasingly common unconventional solution that is to make our partner come back. We often resort to magic when traditional methods do not give much effect or when we see that despite our best efforts, the situation is getting worse. A common question that gets at what is a spell? My work with magic, the tools I use, I described in previous posts, but now I would like to focus on a slightly different aspect, that is, what to do to achieve the best results.

The love spell consists of two main parts:

-sessions that are often attended by the person asking me for help

-waiting for results.

While there is no doubt about the first point, because it is precisely described in the instructions I send before starting the activities, the problem arises after the sessions, when we wait impatiently for our partner to come back to us. What should we do to make the spell come out as well as possible?

First of all – don’t think about spell. Forget about blogs, esoteric forums or similar places during this time. Love spell must take time to develop so that the energy that is created in this way reaches your other half without any problems. Thinking about spell constantly causes nerves, which in turn disrupts my work. Use this time to meet friends, go for walks … for something you will enjoy. Another problem is trying to contact your partner at any cost. This should be avoided for the reasons that I have already properly described in this post. Let this spell work with you. It is when we are waiting for the results that the person we are working on is “bombarded” with the energy we have generated during the session. Attempting to contact “by force” will cause the work to be disrupted, which in turn may have a negative impact on the results. If your partner wants a break, rest – give him time. When the ritual takes effect, he will speak to you.