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In the intricate tapestry of the Tarot, each card weaves a story of symbolism and meaning, inviting seekers to explore the depths of their own journeys and experiences. Among these cards, the Chariot stands as a powerful emblem of determination, willpower, and control. Positioned as the seventh card in the Major Arcana, the Chariot card often depicts a figure steering a chariot drawn by two contrasting creatures. This striking image holds profound significance, inviting us to delve into themes of triumph over challenges, inner strength, and the balance between opposing forces.

Historical origins and symbolism

The roots of the Chariot card can be traced back to ancient civilizations where chariots were used as vehicles of war, conquest, and royal processions. In the context of the Tarot, the Chariot symbolizes the seeker’s journey through life, representing the need to harness opposing forces and navigate the complexities of existence. The Chariot’s imagery of the charioteer holding reins and steering two animals reflects the taming of raw power and the harmonious control over contrasting elements. This duality often represents the balance between one’s conscious and unconscious mind, emotions and intellect, intuition and reason.

Willpower and determination

At its core, the Chariot card embodies the essence of willpower and determination. The figure on the chariot represents the seeker’s resolve to overcome obstacles and challenges through sheer determination and unwavering focus. This card encourages us to recognize our inner strength and the potential to overcome adversities by tapping into our resolute spirit. In readings, the Chariot card often appears as a reminder that success is attainable through effort and perseverance. It prompts the seeker to harness their inner drive and channel it towards their goals. This card reinforces the notion that challenges are not insurmountable barriers, but rather opportunities to prove our resilience and assert our authority over our circumstances.

Control and mastery

The Chariot card serves as a potent symbol of mastery and control. The charioteer’s ability to steer the chariot and direct the contrasting creatures signifies the seeker’s capacity to manage opposing forces and conflicting aspects within themselves. This mastery extends beyond external challenges to encompass the internal struggle for equilibrium and self-mastery. This card’s symbolism suggests that true power comes not from suppressing or denying our emotions and desires, but from understanding and channeling them effectively. The Chariot encourages us to embrace our duality, to integrate our strengths and weaknesses, and to navigate life’s journey with a balanced and composed demeanor.

Triumph over challenges

The Chariot card is often associated with victory and triumph. It signifies the seeker’s ability to overcome obstacles and emerge victorious after facing adversity. The card emphasizes the importance of maintaining focus and determination even in the face of difficulties. In readings, the appearance of the Chariot card can indicate that a period of struggle is approaching its resolution, with victory on the horizon. It serves as a reminder that challenges are not roadblocks, but stepping stones that propel us forward. The card encourages the seeker to remain steadfast in their pursuits, reminding them that their efforts will lead to eventual success.

The balance of opposites

One of the Chariot card’s most profound teachings is the concept of balancing opposing forces. The two creatures pulling the chariot – often depicted as horses or sphinxes – represent contrasting aspects of our being. These may encompass the conscious and unconscious mind, the rational and emotional self, or even external influences and internal desires. The Chariot card underscores the importance of harmonizing these opposing forces rather than allowing them to pull us in different directions. It suggests that through balance and integration, we can harness the full scope of our abilities and navigate life’s complexities with greater efficacy.


The Chariot card in the Tarot is a dynamic and commanding symbol of willpower, determination, and the triumph over challenges. Its imagery of a charioteer steering a chariot drawn by contrasting creatures encapsulates the seeker’s journey through life, emphasizing the need to master opposing forces and harness their inner strength. This card prompts us to recognize our capacity for control and mastery, both in external situations and in our internal landscape. As the Chariot encourages us to balance opposing forces and navigate our journey with unwavering determination, it imparts a powerful message of victory over adversity. It teaches us that challenges are not insurmountable, but rather opportunities to demonstrate our resilience and rise above. Ultimately, the Chariot card invites us to embrace our duality, find our inner strength, and assert our authority over the course of our lives.