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At the beginning I will mention what I repeat many times – magic is not a 100% predictable field and there is no certainty that the spell will bring the desired result in every situation. Fortunately, over the years of performing all kinds of love magic, I have achieved high efficiency (over 80% of spells performed by me are successful). The statistics also include cases that seemed hopeless. But even in such cases, I have achieved success many times. For such cases, I recommend wicca love spells – I have already explained what are in previous articles. However, if the situation between two people is not so complicated, and the person to whom the spell is to be cast still has some feelings for the ordering person, the effectiveness is even higher. That’s why I use several types of spells to help people in different situations.

As I have written many times in other articles, after getting acquainted with a given love problem, I recommend an appropriate spell. Sometimes a classic love spell is enough, sometimes I recommend love binding spell, and in the most severe cases, only Wicca spell can help. Of course, I am developing towards magic all the time, I am still looking for ways to increase my effectiveness, although, as a humble person, I know that I will never achieve 100% effectiveness – even the most famous magicians did not manage to do it. But I am sure that I am currently highly effective, and I know that I will be able to be even better with the further work. magic has been with me since childhood, and I do not treat performing rituals as a way of earning money, mainly it is my passion in which I strive for perfection. I have read hundreds of books on this subject, and I have learned something from each of them – thanks to this I have a broad view on many topics. I have tried many techniques for generating as much energy as possible, and some of these techniques are still successfully used today. For my part, I can say that I am developing in this direction as much as I can, striving to make spells work in almost every situation. My dream is to be 95% effective, I would know then that I am able to help virtually anyone asking for help and make most of the people who turn to me happy. And that would be the greatest reward for which it would have been worth spending so many years doing magic.