My name given to me by a powerful magical forces during the initiation ritual is Azael. I'm a master of black magic for 25 years but I perform rituals with great success for more than 30 years. During this time I have helped thousands of people around the world.

Below, you can find some of the rituals that I perform (If you are not find a ritual right for you, please contact by via email ):

3-day ritual to return a lost lover 59 USD
The strongest love rite - Black Wedding! 99 USD
Love spell for chosen person 69 USD

My effectiveness of love spells is 70%!

A love spell works just as well for pain as it does excitement, a love spell usually works by altering fate, although often a love spell will erase obstacles and make a romance run smoothly. In some cases all a love spell does is speed up what is naturally destined. Most love spell witches do some form of divination before casting a love spell, they check that is is wise to cast the love spell and that it will work. If the divination advises a witch not to cast a love spell, then the love spell witch won't, they may or may not tell you why, they may not know why, sometimes a divination will simply tell a witch not to cast a love spell, at other times the divination will explain why not. A witch has to listen to and obey her divinations, if the love spell witch doesn't the divination tools will start giving inaccurate information. A love spell witch will try her hardness to help you, yet if one says "sorry, I cannot cast a love spell for you", there's nothing to stop you contacting another love spell witch because it could be a particular love spell witch isn't the right one for you, and another witch is perfect, of course the second love spell witch might also say they aren't happy to cast a love spell for you.

Once a love spell is cast it starts working, the new future starts to become reality, in fact your new future will be destined, and if you change your mind, then you need to contact your love spell witch as soon as possible and ask them to neutralise your love spell.

Are results from a love spell permanent?

Some love spells are permanent, some aren't, your love spell witch will explain to you whether or not your love spell is permanent. If you see the word 'binding' then the love spell is permanent, and you need to think carefully about permanent, binding love spells because it is the rest of your life you are talking about. A binding love spell is a great option if you have met your soul mate, binding is protective and will keep lovers together. A non permanent love spell is one such as a reuniting love spell, it will reunite a couple, but it doesn't keep reuniting, after all it has already done its job. Once lovers are reunited they will stay together until their relationship hits the rocks, or unless a binding love spell is cast. A love spell does not work immediately, if they did everyone would use a love spell, but because they don't and require patience and for you to wait, when your love spell works results look like they would have happened anyway, so the sceptics laugh. Love spells use Mother Nature and human resources, love spell results fit in with Mother Nature - everything Mother Nature does or creates looks natural, just as your love spell does, and yet in reality Mother Nature is magical and it is wonderful when a love spell works and the one you love feels the say way about you.