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Wicca is a pagan religion that was not widespread in the USA until 1951. A very important aspect of this religion is the practice of ceremonial magic. This cult was to be an alternative to Christianity. According to Wiccan belief, the gods are real not as beings but as power carriers. Many believers believe that their gods are aspects of a being that contains all the elements of the universe. Most importantly, Wiccan beliefs are closely related to magic, recognizing it as a force through which reality can be manipulated. Among the practitioners of this religion there are a large number of people who consider people such as Crowley or McGregor Mathers to be authorities. A large proportion of believers believe that magic is the full use of all five senses with amazing results. Putting so much emphasis on magic and believing in it, got me interested in this religion and how they used magic. Rituals in their faith take place in sacred circles and are mainly used to heal, protect, increase fertility and drive out bad influences. Although it is a pagan religion and reading the beginning of this article one could get the impression that it is related to evil powers, it must be said that it is not so. Consider, for example, two major ethical imperatives in Wicca which read as follows:

The Laws of Three-Return: “Whatever you do, good or bad, it will return to you three times.”

Wiccan Advice: “If no one hurts, do your will”

The latter sentence is the basis of the Wiccan moral code. Despite the fact that religion does not have an extensive moral code, it must be admitted that it is enough to follow the two quotes mentioned above to live in harmony with yourself and, additionally, to be a good person. As you can see from what I wrote, magic for Wiccan is FACT. This should be emphasized. The basic principle that increases the effectiveness of magical actions is the greater number of people who sincerely believe in it.