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Typically, black magic spells are said to include voodoo rituals, Wiccan rituals, and Egyptian rituals. In fact, the name “black magic” is conventional – after all, the basic condition for calling a given action black magic is the willingness to harm another person. So, frankly speaking, a person who orders a classic spell in order to make someone fall in love with him and then reject this person orders a ritual of black magic – he wants to hurt another person, get back at him. That’s why I really dislike this division into black and white magic.

Meanwhile, when it comes to Egyptian and Wiccan rituals, calling black magic probably comes from the aura of mystery that surrounds. And this spells, not incapacitating the enchanted person, are simply meant to make the person fall in love, but remain themselves. The only differences between such rituals and classic love spell are that different ingredients are needed to be cleared, and that they are usually more effective. To perform an effective ritual, you need the ability to generate a huge amount of energy and properly direct it. This is perfectly enough, although it takes years of practice to acquire this skill. It is important to me that spells are safe in relation to the people who order. After performing rituals, which can already be counted in the hundreds, I have not received any attention that it has any side effects.