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Cleansing the aura is a great help for all diseases related to stress, depression, and lack of will to live. Therefore, getting rid of the problem of hidden stress is also possible thanks to this method. The very fact of restoring our energy shell to a normal state improves our health and allows us to get rid of hidden fears, which causes inner harmony. Therefore, when we realize that we have hidden stresses, it is worth undergoing aura cleansing, which can be effectively done at a distance. But it doesn’t stop there. Cleansing will help for a while, but we are responsible for the coating that surrounds our body. Therefore, if after cleansing, we do not change our behavior at all, in some time our aura will become darker again, which will cause our problems to recur. Of course, then you can do aura cleansing again, which will help again for a while when we feel better, but if we go back to old habits, the problem will come back like a boomerang. Therefore, clearing your aura is only the first, basic step to getting rid of hidden stress. The rest is up to you, thanks to the positive energy after the cleansing ritual, you will have more choices for a while, you will get a chance to change your life to a less stressful one, it will be easier for you to realize what has been harmful to you in your current life and to disconnect yourself from it. A few of the people ordering me to clean their aura were finally able to open up to the problems that had plagued them over the years, learned to find solutions and returned to a peaceful life without much stress. But if you do not take advantage of this opportunity, the hidden stress will eventually appear, whether in the form of mental or health problems. Therefore, you should first of all fight for yourself, after all, your health is the most important. Therefore, break the blockage in yourself and realize what hinders you and prevents you from living as you dreamed of.