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People often mistake a curse for a love binding spell. A curse is a ritual intended to harm the person concerned. They are thrown by people out of revenge, who want some misfortune to happen to the other person. And as we know, any action of this type is black magic. Love binding spell is quite different. This spells are ordered to attract a loved one to you. These are two completely different rituals, love binding spell, as long as the ordering person orders it in good faith, does not hurt anyone, the goal is to regain the person with whom we are in love. The myth that compares a curse to love binding spell arose from articles on various websites that warn against magic. And the facts are that since we do not harm anyone, we have the best intentions towards the person we order love binding spell for, we plan a future together with her, it is probably obvious that we are not doing anything wrong. Therefore, if you are sure that you have found someone you love, do not give up trying to get that person back, also by magical means. If the love bondage is successful and you are together again, it will most likely be good for you in the long term, you will create a harmonious couple and you will be able to boldly think about starting a family to which you will pass the appropriate patterns. Inactivity, giving up the person you love, is the biggest mistake. You have to fight for love, because you may not get the second such opportunity.