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A common question you ask me is how to prepare well for the spell. Dear friends, in order to answer this question, we need to realize what the sessions in which I am trying to bring two people together really are. The love spell is based on positive memories and moments you spent with each other. It is these thoughts that are passed on to your loved one so that such a person wants to come back to you. When asking for a love spell, we must be sure of our feelings towards the other person. It is these feelings that create the positive energy that is used in the spell. It is very important to be in good mental condition both while performing the spell and while waiting for its effects.

First of all, during this time you cannot consume alcohol or other stimulants that weaken our concentration. I often recommend relaxing music in the evenings, which is when spells are usually performed. The most important thing is a positive attitude and faith in the success of the love spell, so I always try to lift the spirits of those who ask me for help.