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In the captivating world of Tarot, each card weaves a narrative of human experience through symbolism and archetypal imagery. Among these cards, the Wheel of Fortune stands as a compelling emblem of change, destiny, and the cyclical nature of existence. Symbolizing the ebb and flow of life’s fortunes, this card prompts us to reflect on the inevitability of change and the influence of fate on our journey. In this article, we will delve into the intricate symbolism, profound meanings, and philosophical insights of the Wheel of Fortune card in Tarot readings.

The visual symbolism

At the heart of the Wheel of Fortune card is its distinctive imagery that captures the essence of its message. Typically numbered as X, the card portrays a large wheel adorned with various esoteric symbols. Seated atop the wheel is a sphinx, a creature that merges human intellect with animal instincts, and Anubis, an Egyptian deity associated with the afterlife and transformation. On the wheel itself, we find the letters T, A, R, and O, which are believed to be a variation of the word “Rota,” meaning “wheel” in Latin. Surrounding the wheel are creatures that represent the four fixed signs of the zodiac: the angel for Aquarius, the eagle for Scorpio, the lion for Leo, and the bull for Taurus.

Core themes and interpretation

1. Cycles of life: At its core, the Wheel of Fortune card embodies the cyclical nature of life. It reflects the understanding that life is a series of ups and downs, successes and setbacks, and that change is an inherent part of existence. This card serves as a reminder that just as the wheel turns, circumstances shift, and what goes up must come down.

2. Destiny and fate: The Wheel of Fortune card prompts us to consider the role of destiny and fate in our lives. It suggests that certain events and situations are beyond our control and are influenced by cosmic forces that guide us along our paths. This concept encourages us to accept the uncertainties of life with grace and adaptability.

3. Change and transformation: The wheel’s perpetual motion symbolizes change and transformation. It invites us to embrace change rather than resist it, recognizing that every phase, whether favorable or challenging, contributes to our growth and evolution. Just as the wheel turns, our lives continually shift, offering us opportunities for renewal and metamorphosis.

4. Karmic influence: The Wheel of Fortune card is often associated with the concept of karma, suggesting that our actions and choices have consequences that shape our experiences. The card’s imagery underscores the idea that the outcomes we experience are interconnected with the energy we put into the world.

5. Acceptance and surrender: Encountering the Wheel of Fortune in a Tarot reading encourages us to practice acceptance and surrender. It teaches us that while we can influence our circumstances to some extent, there are aspects of life beyond our control. By embracing change and relinquishing our resistance, we can navigate life’s twists and turns more harmoniously.

Navigating life’s wheel

Encountering the Wheel of Fortune card in a Tarot reading can hold profound insights and guidance. Here are ways to navigate its themes:

1. Embrace change: Embrace the inevitability of change, knowing that both challenges and opportunities will come and go. Cultivate adaptability and resilience in the face of life’s fluctuations.

2. Seek balance: Just as the wheel balances highs and lows, strive to find equilibrium in your life. Balance work with play, introspection with action, and material pursuits with spiritual growth.

3. Trust the process: Trust that life’s cycles have a purpose and meaning, even if they are not immediately apparent. Challenges may hold valuable lessons, and successes may lead to new horizons.

4. Take responsibility: Recognize that your actions and choices contribute to the outcomes you experience. Practice mindful decision-making and consider the potential consequences of your actions.

5. Practice gratitude: In moments of fortune, express gratitude for the blessings in your life. In times of challenge, hold onto the knowledge that change is inevitable, and this phase will pass.


The Wheel of Fortune card in Tarot invites us to ponder the dynamic nature of existence, the influence of fate, and the profound wisdom that comes from embracing change. As the wheel turns, it reminds us that life’s cycles are a continuous dance of growth, transformation, and renewal. By aligning ourselves with the rhythms of this cosmic wheel, we can navigate life’s twists and turns with greater awareness, acceptance, and resilience. Ultimately, the Wheel of Fortune teaches us that in acknowledging both the predictable and unpredictable elements of life, we can find a deeper sense of meaning and purpose on our journey.