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Magic, including love magic, accompanies people from the very beginning. Its elements can be found in various ancient cultures, and it is also present today. Thus, we are trying to get something that is impossible with conventional solutions. From the very beginning, man was convinced of the existence of love magic, he knew that supernatural forces are above us, which, under certain conditions, can be helpful to us. In fact, love magic has always been associated with religion. It was used to solve problems that affected the whole society (e.g. drought, crop failure), as well as in individual cases. The people who dealt with magic were priests, shamans or fairies. They were perceived and perceived as links with the above-mentioned supernatural beings. There were different ways of performing the rituals depending on the cultures, beliefs and experiences as well as the magic we want to apply. In the case of the above-mentioned crop failures or other problems, reference was made to white magic, which by definition is to serve us. We associate black magic with something bad, which we don’t really want to deal with too much. It was used to cast curses to harm another person. In the case of love magic, we refer to the aforementioned supernatural beings. There are many solutions, and it depends mainly on our intentions and the goal we want to achieve. In this case, we are trying to change the behavior of the other person we interact with. This requires enormous amounts of energy. If you are confident in your feelings, applying love magic makes sense.